Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mopping and Slopping!

I love mopping my floor. It really doesn't take that long... I always get so hyped up about it and talk myself out of it, that seems to be 3/4 the battle. But really by the time i get the Pine Sol Lemon Scent Solution poured into my plugged sink of steamy water, I get quite excited. I love moving the sponge back and forth seeing all the grime disappear from the floor. Ooh, I also love rinsing the mop sponge... in the other side of the sink of course because otherwise I would soil my mop water too much. Anyway good luck with that!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tip #2

Today I ironed my sheets. I actually think people like that are neurotic, but I take more joy in making my bed when my sheets are crisp. Actually I only iron the top 12 inches of the flat sheet and the pillowcases, because that is what shows.

Tip #2 is Take Joy in your work.

Yes there are jobs to do every day. I wipe my back glass door just about every day. I used to resist that because the dogs get it dirty on the outside and the kids on the in, but it still always looks better clean.

I am glad I am not a pioneer, they did the same jobs just about every day all day. I have time to sit at my computer, pick up a book, and sometimes shower. But today I want to delight in dishes, and be grateful for so many modern conveniences that took jobs from taking all day, to a simple 5-10 mintues.

Thanks Angie for your "power blast" Idea. From what I gather she sets her timer for 10-15 minutes and works! She keeps moving to get everything she can done in that short amount of time. It is amazing how that helps.

Some tasks are big and some are small however they all feel great to get done! We are women and we are doing an amazing work!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

TIP #1

I've thought of a bunch of first tips, like microwaving a sponge for 2 minutes kills all the bacteria, or keep Clorox Wipes near your toilet for easy messes, or take a damp rag around your house and open your eyes, it will amaze you what you'll find; but no, I am going to post something else.

My first housekeeping tip begins with this:
Love your children
. Now I am not giving myself an excuse not to clean, but they come first. Messes are no reason to yell. Their hearts are precious and their intentions are pure. I know that they won't be around for ever and neither will the messes they make.
Disclaimer I am adding all this information because it is what I need to hear!

Welcome to my new attempts

Now my 2 oldest are in school, I have more time... More time to blog, eat, sleep, paint my nails... no, lets get real! I need to use this time wisely. I need to clean, play with my children and exercise. So here is my blog devoted to helping myself achieve these goal, and hopefully anyone along the way!

Hello. Here I am having a great time avoiding what I really need to do, by offering a daily dose of advice. Something I am going to try to stick to. Each day I am going to post a simple housekeeping tip.

If you have any success please comment and let me know if it was helpful to you.
Also share helpful tips with me and I will post them as well.

I think this will be fun for me to keep up on something daily.